Communication Training

A blindfolded driver operating the forklift with a heavy load of machines, trusting the guidance of his guys, men moving across, running around the equipment, shouting to each other, going up and down on the ground. For an outsider, it's chaos, commotion, yelling, and a loud whirring of engines.

For our guys at R&R, this is a normal day’s work.

Communication is the Key

Our job is not easy. We move mountains of machines. If one thing goes wrong, there is a whole lot at stake. This is why R &R Machinery conducts hands-on training on a daily basis to keep our guys moving and our machines running in perfect unison to finish the job before the due date, and surprise our customers. 

Training in Trust

R&R Machinery has developed some out-of-the-box training sessions for this very purpose. Our trainings are unique in a way that they do not just focus on communication, they focus on each other’s strengths, teamwork and understanding as well. 

Our trainings are designed to build teams that trust each other blindly. Drivers and groundsmen use multiple ways to communicate. Verbal, hand signals for distance pre-set signaling and trusting each other’s commands. 

Our Edge

Our customers often wonder how we are able to do our jobs even before the deadline and how are the men so perfectly gelled to move these plants effortlessly. It’s because they have practiced their communications in a secure environment of our warehouses so that on the day of the job the execution is just an extension of their training. 

This is the edge of R&R Machinery. Something no other company will offer. 

This is what we do every day. 

  • • For our customers
  • • For our employees
  • • And for the trust, you have in us

Mandatory OSHA 10 training for all employees and re certs every 2 years!