Faro Precision Measuring Services

The FARO laser Tracker is the most advance 3D laser measurement system in the industry. It allows our team at R&R Machinery Moving to quickly and accurately measure and record a wide variety of applications.

Why does my machine need to be level?

With many years of listening to our customers' needs. R&R, understands one of the main aspects of keeping machinery and equipment productive is to be able to consistently hold-tolerance. This begins with the initial foundation where machinery or equipment is set into place. It is common for that foundation to be made of concrete which can over time; crack or sag but can also be compensated for using machinery shims or adjusting leveling pads. From individual CNC Mills to CNC Production lines we have successfully leveled generations of heavy machinery and equipment throughout the US. Usually most machinery bases or equipment bases can be leveled using a machinist level, but in some situations this is not enough. Even though some tools may indicate accuracy, the portable FARO Vantage-E Laser Tracker is unbeatable.