Machinery Rigging & Moving

2,000 to 100,000LBS+ Machinery Rigging & Moving is our specialty! We Understand time is of the essence. We make every effort to complete the job on time and within budget to minimize production down time.

   How Machinery Rigging & Moving Works:

• Contact R&R Machinery Moving 651-457-0227

• Our friendly staff will walk you through what will be required for us to get you proper equipment and manpower to get your next project underway.

• We will calculate the expenses and provide you with a written estimate so you know exactly what to expect before the moving process begins.

R&R has extensive experience with rigging varieties of different types of equipment from; high-production manufacturing facilities, fabrication shops, medical laboratory's, food processing facilities, HVAC industries, recycling plants, medical manufacturing facilities, aerospace industries, recreational manufacturing, purpose built equipment manufacturing, agricultural industries, polymer industries and many more....

Where Does R&R Machinery Moving Go?

We can move your equipment across town or from coast to coast. Our fleet is available anywhere in the continental United States. We have the capabilities to handle even the trickiest moves such as rooftops, sub-basements, or challenging climate areas. Where some of our competition is limited, R&R can get the job done right the first time in a timely manner.

Do you have any questions regarding our Machinery Rigging and Moving? Don't hesitate to contact us. At R&R Machinery Moving we understand that most people are not moving heavy equipment everyday. We can provide you with the knowledge and practical assessment you need to make the right decision about your equipment move.