Millwright Services

Since 1986 R&R has been servicing companies by providing; equipment assembly/decommissioning, relocation, installation, rigging and erecting. No matter the complexity of your project or the size of your equipment and machinery. R&R, will safely and efficiently help you accomplish your project goals.

• Have you purchased new machinery or equipment but need rigging to set this into place?

• Do you have machinery that needs dismantling for shipping or transport purposes?

• Does your machinery or equipment require anchoring and leveling?

New and Used Machinery Assembly

You can depend on R&R Machinery Moving from start to finish and we are always willing to work hand in hand with technicians or industry professionals. With our many years of experience and our modern equipment and tools, we are able to offer services that many of the competition are not suited for. Working hand in hand with our techs ensure proper decommissioning and installation of machinery. We offer precision leveling and core drilling too. We offer onsite light fabrication and other millwright services. Give us a call and find out how R&R can help you on any of your millwright needs

Tech Services  

At R&R we understand that it is getting harder to find industry professionals that have the knowledge and experience to help work through some of the issues that come up with maintaining equipment. We have an extensive network that we will put to work for you. If we are unable to get you the help you require from with in our company we will assist you in finding the right person through our many business partners. One more reason to R&R a call.  

Need FARO Precision Leveling Service?  

          The FARO Vantage-E Laser is our on-site metrology system that can be used in all types of measuring and leveling needs. With this equipment, R&R has been able to provide our customers before and after data when doing repairs to large equipment. Proving the need for the repair. R&R can provide testimonials upon request. Please click on this link to find out more information.