Certified Crating & Packaging Services


At R&R Machinery Moving Company, we understand that not all items can be safely shipped in a standard box. That's why we offer custom crating and shipping services for heavy, oversized, and fragile items. We will evaluate the fragility of your items to determine the best crating and packing options. It is common for our customers to require custom built wood crates, prefabricated boxes, and corrugated fiber-board containers for items. Whether you are; shipping machinery, industrial equipment, or any other type of heavy or fragile item, you can rest assured that it will arrive safely to its destination.


• Need a solution for crating & packaging your valuable items?

• Are you shipping valuable heavy machinery and equipment internationally?

• Does your packaging require; ISPM-15 Certification, Tip-Indicators, Load-Centering, Vapor-Barrier, Desiccants, or Precise-Weights?  

• Upon request we can; Document, Organize and Photograph your equipment before it's crated or packaged.

• If you have more questions and want a custom crating quote call us 651-457-0227


Crating for Large Items

We understand rigging and transport may only accomplish one-step of your company's needs. R&R Machinery Moving Company, can build custom crates for individual machinery or your entire production lines. No matter if your company plans to move production state to state or move internationally, we can provide a solution to streamline these complicated steps.


Protecting your Machinery and Equipment

Our crating and packaging solutions are typically used for; valuable, heavy, fragile, multiple-piece machinery and equipment. R&R, understands this machinery and equipment can be: water-sensitive, top-heavy, and delicate. Utilizing our facilities in: New Hope, North and South Fridley, and Coon Rapids MN, we can provide temporary or long term secured and climate controlled storage. If you prefer your machinery and equipment to have added security; Tip indicators and/or Shock indicators are adhered to the walls of your package or equipment to indicate if your item has been mis-handled, Load-Centering is calculated before crating or packaging and is clearly indicated outside to help the mover determine the center of gravity, Vapor-Barriers are used when machinery or equipment requires an added layer of protection for long term storage, Desiccants are used to absorb moisture when machinery or equipment have been completely sealed long term, and Precise-Weights are calculated and labeled. Crates and packages can disguise what is actually behind wood walls or vapor barriers, using our scales we can determine what each load weighs. We are aware that company's have specific procedures to organize their items, upon your request and with customer direction, we can adapt to your documentation and organization and photograph the contents of your machinery and equipment before crating.

What is ISPM-15?

ISPM 15 is the main regulation that applies to the international transport of wood packaging material (WPM), such as wooden shipping crates. This regulation comes from the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), a division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of The United Nations. ISPM stands for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures, and ISPM 15 defines the processes to reduce the risk of introducing or spreading invasive species of pests through the use of wood packaging material.

 Secured Climate Controlled Warehousing 

          We have locations in New Hope, North and South Fridley and Coon Rapids MN. With Over 160,000 sq. ft. available. Click for more information about secure climate controlled warehousing.